🤝Revenue Share

How do users benefit for the protocols success?


  • Holding $SYBL grants you a 30% revenue share with the protocol

  • Revenue is generated through multiple sources discussed below

Revenue Sources

  • Platform usage fees

    • .011 ETH per wallet per month to use the software

  • $SYBL Volume Rewards

    • 1% of total volume goes to holders through our revenue share

  • Airdrop Rewards

    • Free users are able to use the platform in return for 20% of any airdrops they receive.

    • We share this 20% among all token holders with 50% of these airdrop returns being distributed to holders directly.

    • Snapshots for airdrop returns are taken at the time the airdrop is distributed.


    • 50% of fees generated by REDACTED will be distributed to holders.

  • This does not constitute financial advice nor should this be considered an investment. Sybulls makes no guarantees neither express or implied. $SYBL is a utility token which grants discounts to the platform and nothing further.

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