Avoiding Detection

Proprietary code, methods, and strategy allow for flawless execution and the ability to sybil airdrops without the risk of being flagged.


At scale, randomization can cause multiple wallets to be flagged for similar activity. This presents a major architecture problem that most current airdrop solutions fail to address.

Most current solutions follow a strict on-chain pattern that fails to provide the user with adequate randomization and distinct transaction paths. Using previous airdrop experience and fully randomized activity generation each users wallet will produce a completely unique footprint on-chain from funding to completion.

Creating a footprint

Undoubtedly the most tasking and difficult portion of a sybil wallet journey is securing funds without connecting with other wallets or contracts. Sybulls gives users the ability to consistently build their on-chain presence across multiple chains creating a more human action list. By constantly being able increase nonce, and add unique contracts, Sybull users have an immediate edge in the airdrop farming category.

Repetitive Behavior

As previously seen with $ARB, consistency is a major milestone in the airdrop world. By granting users the quick ability to increase their activity across chains and wallets without hassle allows for users to interact more often, more naturally, and most importantly more consistently on their target products.

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